Business Consulting, Agile Project Management Consulting, IT Consulting. 


Business Consulting

Dilon Consulting represents an experience of 30+ years in technology across different businesses and vendors. Worked as an executive and hands-on engineer, business owner, and fortune 500 corp manager. Expert in IT system implementations and integrations and Agile project management. 


Business Consulting

I don’t know it all! I probably know less than any classical MBA graduate in business. But I built successful businesses in the past and I drove them to the ground making all mistakes possible. I am an Engineer and like to look at the business as a system. I believe I am pretty good at finding where the system is broken and how it could be fixed. 

Agile Project Management

As a former military telecommunications officer, lieutenant,  I was trained to lead a military unit to achieve objective cooperatively. But when I stumbled upon the task of leading a team of consultants who are much smarter than me I realized that a different approach is needed to make them committed and engaged. When I found the Agile framework I immediately realized that the way to go! For several years now, I studying extensively Scrum and Kanban implementing them into any project I am working on.  Certified Pro Scrum Master by (PSM-I). 

IT systems implementation

Since I built first in Central Asia IT System Integrator in 1993, installing IT systems for big enterprises and small businesses, I have a passion for such projects. I love small projects and big, from simple structured cabling to complex complete systems for modern ISP.   

other services

Life Coaching 

Self Defence basics training for kids and adults

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