We offer

An independent and unbiased Information Technology (IT) & Information Security audit for your Business!  



Since we have no interest in up-selling more services, we have no intention of recommending more than you need. Quite the contrary, we hope to offer easier and cheaper solutions.

We analyze each component of your IT infrastructure and offer objective evaluations based on best industry practices.

When we initiate work, we organize your equipment closet, label all components and provide a diagram explaining how everything is connected. This allows you to stop being completely dependent on the “IT person”, as 80% of problems in telecommunications are due to connection issues and can be quickly resolved with proper labeling.

We document all logins and passwords of your equipment for long term clarity and accessibility.

Our system sets up a protocol that is easy to follow for any IT service provider.

We will also set up policy for equipment access, to eliminate cyber security threats from intruders who try to access your equipment physically.

BONUS! We evaluate your Information Security risks and provide recommendations on how to eliminate them based on an internationally recognized standard for Information Security Practices ISO 27001. Please note that Information Security is much broader than Cyber Security and will cover all company procedures.




Most IT service providers would offer you with a “free” assessment, but we both know there’s always a catch!

The benefits of an independent audit include things like; help management or stakeholders to understand IT professionals, prevent businesses from suffering the consequences of price shopping instead of understanding value – from data loss to security issues and down time.

That is why we present to you a Complete, Independent, Unbiased Information Technology (IT) and Information Security audit for your Business!


Since auditing network cabling is the part of any IT assessment or audit, we make a special effort and offer impeccable expertise in this area.

I can tell countless stories from my field work experience, when a simple cabling issue would drive many managers crazy and cost the company unnecessary expenditure to fix it.

Meanwhile 80% of the issues in electronics is – connectivity.

Also, messy and improperly labeled cabling usually doubles the troubleshooting time. So, some field tech may even refuse to service really bad cases. 

We offer networking cabling work as a part of audit and also as a separate service.

Info Security/Cyber Security

Information Security has much broader implications than just Cyber Security; an often-overlooked fact. Info Security usually affects most of organization procedures and in many cases can dictate to change them.

It’s important to have an experienced partner on your side, either to convince your boss, stakeholders or yourself, to make the relevant changes, to make them work and ensure continuity of the business.

Info Security assessment is big part of any IT audit. We offer it as a separate service, too.

IT Consulting

We LOVE solving complex problems.

You can assign some of your hardest ones for us to crunch on!